Algorithmic Alley

Ben Fulton

Welcome to Algorithmic Alley!  I intend for this site to be a crossover site that fuses the intellectuals that are out there creating new algorithms, and the engineers that barely have time to learn anything about algorithms at all because they're too busy creating all the cool content we see on the web.

To that end, I'll be posting working demonstrations of algorithms that I hope will be more interesting or unusual than what you see every day, I'll post code snippets along with explanations on the site, and a working application in github that actually runs the algorithms.

To my mind, the language that finds the best balance between functional and procedural coding styles is C# with LINQ, so I'll be writing most of my code samples in that language.  But it's not impossible that Ruby or Groovy may rear their heads to be noticed, and certainly if you have a sample or algorithm you'd like to demonstrate in any language at all, drop me a line!  The only requirement is that it has to have code.  This site isn't going to be about theory.



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